Services provided by our firm are subject to the terms and conditions provided below and are governed by the fee agreement applicable to each matter.  If you have any questions, please let us know.

Of Counsel
We have an “of counsel” arrangement with one or more attorneys in the office.  We enjoy their company but each operates financially and legally as separate entities and separate from our Firm. Each has his or her own payment terms and conditions.  Payments made through our credit card facilities are placed in our trust account and forwarded to the of counsel attorney upon processing of the payment.

Billing Cycles
We endeavor to invoice our clients on a monthly basis.  On occasion it makes more sense and we either firm wide, or on a case-by-case basis, may elect to lengthen or shorten a billing period.

Objection to Billing
We send you periodic bills with an expectation that you will review the bill when sent and ask any questions you may have in a timely manner.  You agree that if you do not object to amounts invoiced within 60 days of the invoice date that you have waived any objections you may have to the items billed or amounts charged.

Payment Terms and Grace Period
Payment of the amount invoiced is due immediately.  However, we have a grace period of thirty (30) days from the invoice date and payment received during the grace period will be deemed timely.

Finance Charges and Interest Rates
Past due balances may be charged interest at an annual percentage rate of eighteen percent (A.P.R. 18%).  Interest will accrue from the Invoice Date.

Expenses of Collection
Should it be necessary for us to pursue collection you agree to pay all reasonable attorney fees and expenses incurred by us to collect the balance due.  You also agree when time is spent by our staff and/or attorneys collecting your balance due, our normal hourly rates are reasonable and will be paid by you.

Credit Card Processing and Fees
We gladly accept credit cards.  We may request that you provide written authorization for credit card transactions.  For credit card transactions in excess of $1,000, we may elect to charge a processing fee of three percent (3%) of the transaction amount.  Refunds and chargebacks will incur a fee equal to the greater of our actual fees and costs or three percent (3%) of the transaction amount.  Refunds for funds deposited by credit card to our trust will be made, at our election, either by refunding the amounts owed to the same card or by check issued upon a reasonable period of time to allow us to assure valid funds.

Abandoned Trust Balances
It is our practice to refund the unearned balance of a client’s trust account to the client at the close of a matter.  Occasionally we will issue refund checks and they will not be cashed or we may be unable to locate a former client with a trust balance.  You agree that if the balance of a Trust Account is less than $100, we have mailed the check to your last known address and the check has not cleared our bank for more than six months and/or we have made 3 attempts over a period of six months to refund the balance to you, we may exercise our reasonable judgment and collect the balance of the trust as a fee for our final services.  For balances larger than $100, we will make the same efforts over six months to refund the balance to you and will charge our normal hourly rates and any expenses incurred against the trust balance until it is exhausted, we are able to transfer the remaining balance to you, or such balance will be subject to the unclaimed property laws of the state of Idaho.