Recently the Internal Revenue Service issued a warning regarding a nationwide telephone scam.  Callers claiming they are IRS agents.  They demand immediate payment of taxes and demand your credit card number.  Anyone refusing to cooperate often is threatened with arrest, deportation, and/or the suspension of a business or driver’s license.

How to Identify the Scam

Under no circumstance will the IRS call and demand a credit card or debit card number over the phone – even if you legitimately owe money for taxes due.  In fact, we do not believe that any legitimate creditor would engage in such behavior.  You should never give your financial information to someone who called you.

What to do

If you believe you owe money to the IRS we recommend that you go to and review your options.  If you are unable to pay at this time, or believe that you do not owe the amount claimed, we encourage you to call our offices and consult with any attorney.

The IRS notice can be found at