The Huntley Law Firm is a proud tenant of the Carnegie Library building, in Boise, Idaho.

Our building traces its roots to February 18, 1895, when the women of the Columbian Club opened a subscription library and free reading room in City Hall. For 10 years, the Club kept the reading room alive while helping to secure funds from Andrew Carnegie to construct a true public library.

Andrew Carnegie awarded library grants to 1406 communities in the early 1900’s with the provision that the communities supply land and on-going maintenance.  Columbian Club members persuaded the city of Boise to provide the matching funds necessary for the administration and maintenance of a Carnegie library.

Boise’s Carnegie Public Library opened its doors at 815 W. Washington on June 22, 1905. The institution remained at that site until April 27, 1973.  The building is currently owned by the St. Michael’s Episcopal Church.